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Groningen is a city in which more and more foreigners live and work. Many of them also want to do sports. For foreigners whose favorite hobby is badminton, BC GO! might be a nice club to join. Actually, we already have several non-Dutch members, both juniors and adults. You are most welcome to try playing and don't be afraid: we definitely also accept foreigners of a somewhat lower level than the pictured guys from Indonesia!

Here is some information in English. It is by far not exhaustive, but it should give some guidance about opportunities to play with us.

BC GO! is a club with about 220 members. We have several groups, both for juniors (the youngest are 6 or 7 years old, but in some groups the average age is about 15) and adults. Many adults play just for recreation (practicing and playing some informal matches against each other), while we also have team playing in both national and regional leagues. Our first team plays in division 3 of the national league. All members of GO! are also members of the Dutch badminton association, Badminton Nederland. This allows them to participate in tournaments as well.

Next to practicing and playing matches, GO! also organizes events that are not directly related to badminton. Examples are having dinners, together watching the professional Groningen-based basketbal team Donar, beer-tasting events and shooting paintballs at each other. We also visit the small island called Schiermonnikoog, every Spring. These events contribute to the good atmosphere in the club.

If you would like to try playing with us, please contact one of the members of the board. Prospective juniors should contact Kim (jeugd@bcgo.nl), adults are advised to send an e-mail message to Anne (info@bcgo.nl). They will recommend a group to you, which should fit your age and level best. You can always try twice for free, without any obligation to become a member or whatsoever. Our practice sessions are in Sportcentrum Europapark (Helperpark 306, near the football stadium).

The membership fees vary across categories, depending on whether you are a junior or an adult player, the type of shuttlecocks you play with (nylon or feather) and whether you participate in league matches. The fees can be found on this website, under the button "Clubinfo" in the menu bar. The season starts in late August/early September and roughly runs until the end of June. Registration forms (also in English) can be found under teh button "Lid Worden", in teh right upper part of the main page of this website.

Hopefully, the pictures on this site give you an impression of our club. Please join us!